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standards for essential computer skills

using email

See below to learn about all of the learning opportunities we provide for using email!

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1. Tell the difference between a URL and an email address.
2. Log into email.
3. Add an attachment to an email.
4. Define email and identify common email clients.
5. Register for a new email account, using a professional user name and a strong password.
6. Create and send an email, including recipient address, subject, and message.
7. Open and reply to an email.
8. Understand why and how to reply, reply all, and forward an email.
9. Open and download an email attachment.
10. Manage email: Delete and retrieve messages, identify spam, and unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists.
11. Understand basics of email etiquette (using salutations and closings, avoiding all caps, making use of the subject line, understanding when it's ok to forward messages, knowing who to cc or bcc, etc.).
12. Use caution when opening or replying to an email from an unfamiliar source, downloading attachments, following links, or giving out personal information.
13. Sign out of email, especially when using shared computers.

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