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standards for essential computer skills

Mac os

See below to learn about all of the learning opportunities we provide for learning how to run Apple: Mac OS!

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1. Identify the operating system used by a computer.
2. Demonstrate knowledge of System Preferences.
3. Use the Help menu.
4. Identify the parts of the Mac OS interface (desktop, Dock, Menu Bar, etc.).
5. Use Finder or Spotlight to locate files and folders.
6. Open applications using Siri, Spotlight, Launchpad, the Dock, or the Applications Folder, and pin apps to the Dock.
7. Identify icons, functions, and any file extensions related to basic office software (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) and default Apple programs.
8. Move documents and files, and create new folders.
9. Delete files and apps, and recover them from the Trash.
10. Identify peripheral devices on a computer (flash drives, camera, etc.) and cloud storage options (e.g. iCloud).
11. Minimize and maximize windows.
12. Close, switch between, and quit applications.
13. Use the App Store to add and update apps.
14. Log out of, restart, and shut down a computer.

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