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standards for essential computer skills

Microsoft word

See below to learn about all of the learning opportunities we provide for learning how to run Microsoft Word!

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Untitled design (6)_edited_edited.png

1. Open a new or existing document.
2. Identify the parts of the Word window, including the Ribbon, Status Bar and Quick Access Toolbar.
3. Save a document, being intentional about name and location.
4. Identify file extensions that can be opened by Microsoft Word.
5. Use Spelling and Grammar check.
6. Format text: size, color and font type.
7. Set text spacing and alignment.
8. Apply bullets and automatic numbering.
9. Undo the previous action.
10. Cut, copy and paste.
11. Modify page layout, including margins and orientation.
12. Print.
13. Close a document.
14. Insert objects into a document, including images, shapes, hyperlinks, and tables.

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