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Brianna Storbakken

East Grand Forks Adult Basic Education Student

Program(s) Attended: Adult Diploma, Basic Skills Enhancement - reading, writing, math, or science

My Story

I came to the East Grand Forks ABE program in June of 2022. I brought a friend with me to the intake appointment. This friend told me how dumb I was multiple times. I said, "I know I'm dumb." My initial assessment scores placed me at ABE Level 2 in both math and reading (199 on CASAS GOALS 914M and 207 on CASAS GOALS 904R).

Once I started attending classes, my teachers kept telling me that they had faith in me. I attended classes regularly and utilized distance learning platforms. In fact, I hold the site's session high record for online hours, 97.25 hours completed in an 8-week long session! I made my first level gain in both math and reading two months after joining the program. I had tears in my eyes when my teachers gave me my level gain certificates. I told my teachers that I didn't think I could learn. They told me that they knew I could.

Since then, I have made another level gain in reading and have made further improvements in math (209 on CASAS GOALS 913M and 235 on CASAS GOALS 907R). I also passed my ELA (English Language Arts) domain towards my MN Statewide Adult High School Diploma! In addition to making academic gains, I have grown as a person, especially in my confidence and self-esteem.

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