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Your digital footprint

See below to learn about all of the learning opportunities we provide for learning about your impact  through your digital footprint!

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1. Define digital footprint.
2. Understand why a digital footprint is important.
3. Understand the sources of a digital footprint (browsing, job search, shopping, social media).
4. Identify consequences of a digital footprint (permanent, real-life, employment-related).
5. Demonstrate how to manage an online identity responsibly.
6. Demonstrate ability to manage privacy settings.
7. Understand breaches of privacy and the dangers these represent.
8. Identify the different organizations interested in a digital footprint and what they might use it for (employers, retail, government).
9. Define cookies and understand how these are used to track a digital footprint.
10. Understand the potential benefits of having a digital footprint.
11. Understand that actions online can have unintentional impacts to your digital footprint.

For the full list of Northstar Digital Literacy programs!

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