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standards for using technology in daily life

social media

See below to learn about all of the learning opportunities we provide for learning and awareness for social media use!

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1. Demonstrate knowledge of the permanence of anything posted on the internet.
2. Create a new account on a social media network and log in.
3. Identify different types of social media and their primary functions (especially Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter).
4. Recognize social media interactions that may present a risk in order to make informed
decisions (e.g., using a Facebook account to log in to third-party websites, identifying scams, sharing personal information)
5. Demonstrate knowledge of managing “friends” on Facebook: adding friends,
accepting/declining “friend” requests, and the difference between that and “following” someone.
6. Understand and change privacy settings.
7. Demonstrate an understanding of the consequences of “liking” or commenting on something.
8. Share and delete content, including photos, videos, and links.
9. Identify information that is unwise to post and/or upload on a social media (too much personal
sharing, inappropriate photos/comments).
10. Distinguish between public and private “spaces” on social media sites (e.g., Facebook messages vs. Facebook timeline).
11. Post, share, like, or comment on content.

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