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standards for essential computer skills

windows 10

See below to learn about all of the learning opportunities we provide for learning how to run Microsoft Windows 10!

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1. Identify the operating system used by a computer.
2. Minimize and maximize windows.
3. Open, close and switch between windows.
4. Shut down, restart, and log off a computer.
5. Identify the parts of the Windows 10 interface (desktop, taskbar, etc.).
6. Demonstrate knowledge of the Windows Start Menu, including Get Help.
7. Demonstrate ability to search for a file, program, or document.
8. Identify icons, functions, and any file extensions related to basic office software (Word,
PowerPoint, and Excel) and default Windows programs (Microsoft Edge, Windows Defender, etc.).
9. Start and exit programs.
10. Demonstrate knowledge of Windows File Explorer and identify drives on the computer, as well as cloud storage services (e.g., OneDrive).
11. Move documents and files, including to and from Recycle Bin.
12. Use Settings to uninstall or modify apps.

For the full list of Northstar Digital Literacy programs!

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